Thank you for your interest in the Virginia STEAM Academy. We will not host Summer STEAM 2018. We are focusing our limited resources on establishing the early college and career initiative. We wish you continued joyful learning.

Math Modeling with Angry Birds

mathmodelingMathematical Modeling

In the morning session, we review Algebra I and work on Algebra II. The main focus is graphing equations and learning about linear and quadratic equations. We practice graphing with the Angry Birds app and graphing the birds’ projected landing. Later, we use the website “MIT App Inventor” to create Android apps. We create everything from mini games to calculators to apps that find locations. The end goal is for us to take what we learn and create a graphing app.

Testing Newton’s Laws of Motion

physicsFoundations in Physics

In the physics track, many experiments are conducted. This particular picture shows students learning about Sir Isaac Newton’s “Laws of Motion” as well as kinetic and potential energy. These laws and the study of energy come into play when we face the challenge of a bungee-cord that can support an egg without breaking.

Bridge Building

Introduction to Material Science

Our culminating class activity is a friendly team competition of bridge design and building. We apply what we learn throughout the week about material strength properties and applied load/stress.

Solving complex math problems

mathreasoningandencryptionMath Reasoning and Encryption

Students who love advanced math problem solving, love Math Reasoning and Encryption. We tackle problem sets from state and national competitive mathematical challenges such as American Mathematics Competition and MATHCOUNTS. The skills required to solve these complex problems, plus a little RSA coding, apply to our afternoon lab where we construct codes, break codes, and learn about information theory.

Studying clues to solve a mock crime

Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, and Forensic Science

It’s a case of whodunit. Our professors staged a crime scene where we had to look at bones and other artifacts to determine what happened and how. In our lab sessions, we learned to recognize all the bones in the human body, examine bones for evidence of disease and trauma, and pick up clues about how people lived and interacted by studying the artifacts they left behind.