Thank you for your interest in the Virginia STEAM Academy. We will not host Summer STEAM 2018. We are focusing our limited resources on establishing the early college and career initiative. We wish you continued joyful learning.

An inclusive and nurturing environment where students thrive

The Army once advertised, “You’ll do more before 9:00 am than most people do all day.” Similarly, you’ll do more at Summer STEAM than many students do all summer.

Summer STEAM is a selective, intensive, immersive, one-week, residential academy for rising 6th-8th graders from across the Commonwealth of Virginia who show ability and interest in science, technology, engineering, or applied math. Our campers spend six hours each day in learning laboratories.

Depending on your chosen track, you may work in small teams to solve complex math reasoning problems like the kind you see in national math competitions, design a code that stops a, to-date, unstoppable computer virus, study the properties and principles that make hot air balloons and air craft carriers float, explore with field engineers corrosive-resistant materials that one day might result in a bike that never rusts, study human bones for disease, trauma, and a whodunit crime caper, or model and display the trajectory of Angry Birds – and that’s just for starters.

You’ll see how intellect and innovation converge as you design, build, test, and retest your assumptions.

You’ll balance your time at Summer STEAM with leadership seminars, afternoon and evening discussions with STEAM professionals, and play.


While each session is subject to change, the following gives you a taste of what you can expect at Summer STEAM.

Day 1:Sunday

  • 1:00 pm Enthusiastic Welcome, Registration, Settle into the Dorm
  • 3:00 pm Student/Parent Orientation
  • 4:00 pm Farewell to parents
  • 5:15 pm Student icebreaker
  • 6:00 pm Dinner and Guest Facilitator
  • 7:15 pm Free Time/Campus Tour/Recreation Center
  • 10:00 pm Lights out

Days 2-6: Monday – Friday

  • 7:30 am Breakfast
  • 8:45 am Morning Learning Laboratory
  • 12 noon Lunch with a STEAM Leader or Lunch and Leadership Seminar
  • 1:45 pm Afternoon Learning Laboratory
  • 5:00 pm Recreation/Free Time
  • 5:30 pm Dinner
  • 6:30 pm Field Trip or Career Night
  • 8:00 pm Recreation/Free Time
  • 10:00 pm Lights out

Day 7: Saturday

  • 8:00 am Breakfast
  • 8:45 am Pack belongings
  • 9:30 am Student Capstone Presentation
  • 10:30 am Closing Ceremony
  • 12:30 pm Farewell to Summer STEAM Ambassadors